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We are proud to work with a wide portfolio of clients both nationally and internationally. Each client comes to us with their own particular challenges – the one thing they all have in common is a desire to create and sustain high performing teams.

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client testimonials

Max Taylor
CCO, Vodafone

Ben is the best person I have ever worked with in this space, he really listens to what is being said and will always reflect and adapt before moving the conversation on. That’s why we are able to get the richness of conversation that we have had. He’s outstanding at taking a team forward – listening, adapting, empathetic, he’s got a great style, it draws everyone in and all the individuals like him.

Hayley Mann
VP People, FORMULA e

“Ben fosters a great environment really quickly, we needed to work with someone who immediately had the respect of our team and Ben’s experience as a CEO really helped that. He’s great at blending and summarising our thinking but also happy to challenge it at times as well. He created some brilliant conditions, so we got to some really good conversations and his style has meant that our execs opened up much more than I expected which was great.”

Tony Shaw
CEO, HSBC Australia

“Ben has a wonderful style and manner that is resonating so strongly with our Exec team and he’s really helping us. My previous work in this space has been too prescriptive and formulaic but my work with The Growth House has been really fit for purpose for the Australia market and for the level of maturity of my leadership team. The feedback has been really positive and it’s encouraging to see some of the Exec working with The Growth House at their own volition.”

Phil Brett
Global COO, TBWA

“Ben is very polished and supportive, his understanding of the challenges we face and the briefing process was the best I’ve seen. Other companies in this space try and put you in a box with a set process whereas The Growth House has the ability to identify where the problems lie and then create a bespoke programme to deal with the issues. The facilitation was excellent and the best part for me was the heat of the conversations.”

Alex de Giorgio- Miller
Senior Vice President BioPharmaceuticals Medical, AstraZeneca

“The culture of the Medical organisation within AstraZeneca has been transformed in the last year – we have a materially different approach to personal development, leadership and teamship, which has enabled us to deliver on our bold ambition like never before. A large part of that can be attributed to our strong partnership with The Growth House. Ben’s vast leadership experience, coupled with his ability to apply practical tools that help people to think and act differently, have been hugely helpful to individuals at all levels of the organisation – that’s definitely one of Ben’s gifts.”

Phil Drury
Global Head of Technology and Communications Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory, Citi

“Human capital is the most important component of any high-performing team. Working with Ben and The Growth House has helped us to understand how to get the most out of our team and thus provide the highest level of service to our clients.”

Mark Lobosco
VP Global Talent Solutions, LinkedIn

“I worked with Ben on a 6-workshop engagement with my new leadership team. We were coming together from different teams, backgrounds and experiences and in short order we needed to align on a strategy and connect as humans. Ben led us through an experience that helped us uncover what we cared about in our business, and as humans and professionals. We left the experience with a sense of purpose and caring for one another. I would highly recommend working with Ben.”

Jeff Dodds
CEO, Formula E

“Partnering with the Growth House has been a hugely positive experience. The feedback on the workshops has been consistently about commercial focus, an adaptable style and pacey delivery. Ben keeps the group relentlessly focussed on leadership, teamship and growth.”

Giles Turrell
CEO Flamingo

“My desire to work with Ben was based on his knowledge of leadership having been a CEO himself, and how much value he placed in the importance of team. Ben worked closely with my team and delivered a world class day. The analogies with high performance sport really resonated with everyone. In addition to deliver a programme remotely and have all my Executive Leaders wanting more speaks to his unique approach, his insight and understanding of leadership. My team and I will be better for the experience.”

Alan Jope
Former CEO Unilever

“I have worked with Ben for the best part of two decades. You will not find a leader-coach who is more principled, more purposeful, more emotionally engaged, or more passionate about helping others. He has shown this commitment to help at an individual, at a brand, and at an organisational level with only one focus … RESULTS.Ben’s track record of delivery quite simply speaks for itself.”