Teamship Programme

Our Teamship programme can be run face to face or remotely and is most effective for groups of between 6 – 12

The content and format is tailored to our client’s specific objectives. Every programme is bespoke. We use our world class roster of speakers to inspire and bring to life four or five high performance behaviours, we introduce simple and pragmatic tools to activate those behaviours, and then we commit to establishing some sustainable high performance habits. Behaviours to Tools to Habits.

From behaviours to tools to habits

Purposeful Behaviours

High Performance Behaviours

Impactful tools

Simple and Impactful Tools

Sustainable Habits

Sustainable Ongoing Habits

Although each programme is bespoke and flexible. We do propose a recommended and proven sequence to the topics and behaviours we explore.




2. Purpose


3. Behaviours

Code of Conduct

4. Code of Conduct

Strengths and Work ons

5. Strengths and Work ons


6. Wellbeing

Our proprietary Teamship Audit tool is a unique way to identify the key strengths and work-ons of the team and to measure progress over time. We audit across 15 high performance behaviours and can benchmark against over 2000 leaders who have completed the audit.

Teamship Audit Scores
challenge and feedback

Hard on the issue: Soft on the person

We facilitate the tough conversations and encourage candid and constructive challenge and feedback

difference and togetherness

Difference and togetherness

We encourage teams to celebrate difference and forge togetherness. We create a framework for shared team values, standards and behaviours.

wellbeing focus

Self-care and wellness

We explore energy, wellbeing and self-care, all key drivers of the resilience required to sustain top performance

We are committed to delivering sustainable, measurable impact and will frequently audit our impact on your business across five key areas

TGH audit

Reach out to us to discuss how our Teamship Programme can create accelerated growth for the individual, the team and the business